At Sixty6 Marketing and PR
we believe in making a difference

At Sixty6 we believe that building relationships and partnerships is the key to delivering success and making a difference.

We work in partnership with our clients, operating as part of their marketing or PR team which means we understand their business inside out.  And, because of the way we work, we are able to build long lasting and meaningful relationships not just with our clients, but with their stakeholders too!  And that's what makes the difference.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our clients and their products or service stand out from the crowd.  We deliver award-winning campaigns, stage memorable events and do the hard work to get them head and shoulders above the competition. We think strategically and clearly focus on business objectives and then bring fresh ideas to the table.  And, whatever we do, we always ensure that the marketing and PR fully supports those objectives.

We believe in delivering success and making a difference

Client Testimonials

Russell Lucas Rowe

Russell Lucas-Rowe

Managing Director, Adventure Wonderland

“Here at Adventure Wonderland, we need to engage with our guests from the outset in order to make their day out special.  Sixty6 has helped us to look at all aspects of our marketing and PR to ensure we are focussed on the key touch points and using the right channels at the right time.  We are constantly looking for innovative new activity ideas and collaborations and Sixty6 has been instrumental in setting up partnerships with local businesses and attractions.  These have had a positive impact on our footfall and secondary spend, not to mention our reputation as Dorset’s No 1 theme park.”

Julie McLean

Julie McLean

Marketing Director, Hansgrohe.
Former Head of Marketing, Wolseley UK

"The professionalism and personalized service that we got from the team at Sixty6 is second to none.  They worked as part of my team, ensuring they understood the business inside out, embracing the core values, propositions and positioning for all our brands.  They are incredibly trustworthy, giving us the confidence to leave them to get on with the job.

And they deliver great results, enabling us to achieve over 75% share of voice in our sector and you can't get much better than that!"

Tim Pollard

Tim Pollard

Head of Sustainability, Wolseley UK, Retired

"The best PR and marketing agencies understand what makes you tick and can transform complex business objectives into compelling stories for all your customers. I worked with the team at Sixty6 for seven years and it was a meeting of minds. They understood our business and adapted quickly when we needed to change our focus. They did the hard work to ensure they knew our business inside out and that's what made the difference."

Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw

Former Head of Marketing Operations, Plumbing & Heating Division, Wolseley

"The great thing about the team at Sixty6 is you go to them with a problem and it’s solved in double-quick time. I worked with them for more than six years and it was a very strong partnership. We worked together on award-winning campaigns and saw our share of voice grow exponentially. The team at Sixty6 understand the value of relationships, have detailed knowledge of the industry and if you’re looking to see your business flourish I’d give them a call today."

Gail van Dijk

Gail van Dijk

Former Marketing Manager at TNT and Wolseley

"When you're running a nationwide campaign across more than 500 branches, you need to be sure everyone outside your business knows about it, that's where the team from Sixty6 came in. A great example of this was our Wise up to CO campaign, which secured us the H&V News Safety Initiative of the Year Award. They understood what we were looking to achieve and had bags of ideas to get the job done."

Acuity John Dowbiggin - small

John Dowbiggin

Managing Director, Acuity Unified Communications

"There’s no point having a story to tell, if your customers don’t hear or understand it. We employ Sixty6 because we want to be able to engage with enterprises, telling them about our complex range of products in an easy to comprehend, yet technical, way. Sixty6 gets the balance right, distilling the key messages and clearly articulating them in terms of technical features and no-nonsense business benefits."

Simon Allan

Simon Allan

Former Category Director – Renewables, Wolseley UK

"In today’s business world change is constant, so you need an agency that is nimble and assured, qualities which the team at Sixty6 possess in abundance. We had a diverse customer base and needed to adapt our message to meet all their needs. They were superb at identifying the right way to get our story heard above the noise. It was instrumental in convincing customers of our renewables credibility.

They deliver great copy and award-winning campaigns, time and time again."

Carrie Young

Carrie Young

Former Head of Marketing

"There’s no point having a compelling story to tell, if your customers don’t hear it. We worked with the team at Sixty6 because we were excited about our latest ranges of boilers and our improved customer service. They think creatively and came up with the initial idea for our award-winning Secret's Out campaign. They secured a five-fold increase in our share of voice and helped us deliver a substantial increase in sales."

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